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How to Gain Access to Employees through NC Works 

8:30 – 10:30 AM

NC Works
1830 Tillery Place
Raleigh, NC 27604

NC Works staff will provide a comprehensive overview of how employers can connect with employees through their career centers and how to access Department of Commerce benefits such as Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC) and On-the-Job and Apprenticeship Programs.


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You can improve the community simply by doing what is good for your business. 

Hire well.
Do good.
Join us.

It may be easier and more cost-effective to tap into this talent pipeline than you think!

With unemployment under 4.0%, it’s harder than ever to find good people. BUT, there is a pool of individuals you might be overlooking with skills you can use.


  • There are up to THREE TIMES more people out of the workforce than unemployment tracks.  These individuals come from non-traditional pools of candidates, including veterans, disabilities, and people in recovery from addiction, homelessness, and involvement with the justice system.
  • Business that hire talent from non-traditional pools of candidates have access to On the Job Training reimbursements and tax credits.


  • Find out more from those who have already hired from this population.
  • Learn from the community partners who helped, and the personal stories of what it means to have access to good work.

We hope participants will make a long-term commitment to expanding work opportunities in Raleigh and move forward equipped to make good things happen to their bottom line and their community.

Getting to the Heart of Doing Good

Let’s be clear – getting to the heart of Doing Good is not about charity. It is simply about opening equitable access to work opportunities for people who are qualified, skilled, and motivated to prove themselves.

Often, people who fall outside accepted norms and into defined categories bear the stigma of societal labels that are distracting to employers. The result is untapped talent pools where chronic under-employment is prevalent and, under certain circumstances, unemployment is always a threat.

Our Doing Good refers to restoring human dignity through employment that properly values the skills and work ethics of job seekers. When employers Hire Well and are intentional about Doing Good, the community prospers in abundance as individuals earn their personal and financial stability. Outcomes and lives change, families leave behind system dependency, communities increase the local tax base, and hope sparks the freedom to dream the dream of potential!


December 6, 2018


Registration and Networking Breakfast

See the need.

Introduction to the Untapped Talent Initiative

Do good.

Testimonial and Success Story

Hire well.

Panel – Employer Experiences, Agency Benefits, Non-Profits’ Role in Accessing Talent Pipeline

Join us.

How We Build Stronger Communities


Ryan Ray
Ryan Ray

Executive Director, Jobs For Life

Success Story:
Robert Danajka and Bob Barker Inc. employee

Wendi Eure – Workforce Solutions, NC Department of Commerce

Teresa Wolf – Executive Director, Bob Barker Company Foundation

Brian Hamilton – Owner and Founder of Inmates to Entrepreneurs

Craig Gorham – Owner, Creative Management Staffing Solutions

Vickie Ismail – Co-Founder, Carroll’s Kitchen

Key Winkler – LC Industries

Michael Lord – Williams Mullen


Innovative staffing solutions using untapped talent resources can:

Reduce Training Costs by 50-60%;

Qualify your organization for tax credits worth $2,400 – $15,000;

Increase employee retention;

Facilitate the hunt for qualified, and highly motivated, employees; and   

Develop strategic relationships with community partners that promote your organization.


The Fairview

1125 Capital Blvd

Raleigh, NC

The Fairview

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